Hosting a Wedding with Children on Osea Island

Create Magical Family Memories Hosting a Wedding with Children on Osea Island

Planning a wedding that’s both stunning and family-friendly can be a delightful challenge. For those dreaming of a perfect balance between romance and family fun, Osea Island offers a unique and enchanting setting that caters to guests of all ages. In our opinion Osea Island is one of the best locations in the UK for a family friendly wedding celebration the offerings are endless.

The Charm of Osea Island

Nestled in the Blackwater Estuary in Essex, Osea Island is a hidden gem that offers breathtaking natural beauty and a sense of seclusion. With its private beaches, lush meadows, and charming historic buildings, it’s an idyllic backdrop for any wedding. The island’s serene environment and picturesque landscapes create a magical atmosphere that both adults and children will cherish. ( Not too mention its a PRIVATE ISLAND!!) There is nothing cooler!!

Getting There: An Adventure in Itself

One of Osea Island’s most unique features is its access. The island is connected to the mainland by a tidal causeway, which is only accessible for a few hours each day. This adds an element of adventure to your visit, as you’ll need to time your arrival and departure with the tides. Alternatively, you can reach the island by boat, adding a nautical twist to your journey. The children at your wedding will love this part the fun starts right from the off!! What an adventure!

Accommodation: From Cozy Cottages to Grand Manor Houses

Osea Island offers a range of accommodation options to suit all tastes and group sizes. Whether you prefer a cozy cottage, a charming farmhouse, or the grandeur of a manor house, there’s a perfect place for you. Each property is beautifully appointed, combining modern comforts with historic charm. Perfect for child friendly weddings on the island offering options for families of all sizes

A Unique Wedding Venue

For couples seeking a truly unique wedding venue, Osea Island offers an unforgettable setting. Imagine exchanging vows with the backdrop of the estuary, celebrating in a beautifully restored barn or marquee, options for movie nights, yoga sessions, and providing your guests with an exclusive island experience. With dedicated wedding teams, your dream wedding can become a reality.

Childcare Services:

  • The Little Wedding Creche: Consider hiring professional childcare services like The Little Wedding Creche. They can provide a safe and entertaining environment for children, allowing parents to relax and enjoy the celebration.
  • Qualified Babysitters: For Day or evening festivities, having experienced babysitters on hand ensures that kids are well taken care of, giving parents peace of mind. So you can party the night away in the island party bomb shake, ( all night music)

Our Dedicated Childcare team will assist during all parts of your amazing wedding on Osea island.

Making It Family-Friendly– There are no limits to the fun we can provide on Osea Island for children

  1. Engaging Kids’ Activities:
    • Nature Treasure Hunts: Organize a treasure hunt around the island to keep the little ones entertained. They can explore safely while discovering shells, flowers, and other natural treasures.
    • Beach Fun: The island’s private beaches are perfect for sandcastle building and paddleboarding, offering hours of fun for kids.
    • Arts and Crafts: Set up a craft station where children can create their own keepsakes, such as painted seashells or friendship bracelets.

Discover the magic of Osea Island – a hidden gem that promises a perfect blend of relaxation, adventure, and natural beauty. Your unforgettable escape awaits!

For the perfect childcare at your perfect wedding on Osea island get in touch we would love to chat ;]