A Dreamy Wedding at Claridge’s with Children

We Absolutely love providing wedding childcare and event creches at Claridges last year we had the pleasure of providing a full creche service for our Wonderful couple Ruby & Stevie amazing wedding. We had lots of little guests from babies to big kids and we all had the best night the feedback was fantastic for all of our parents and the kindest word from our bride Ruby. This magical celebrations was captured by Lewis Membery https://lewismembery.com Venue https://www.claridges.co.uk

A wedding is a magical event where love, joy, and togetherness come together to create lasting memories. For couples who are planning their special day at Claridge’s, one of London’s most iconic and luxurious venues, the prospect of including children in the celebration can be both heartwarming and challenging. In this blog post, we’ll explore how to create a dreamy wedding experience at Claridge’s that welcomes children with open arms, making it a day they’ll cherish and remember for a lifetime.

Warm Welcome for Kids

From the moment families step through the grand entrance of Claridge’s, they are met with a warm and friendly welcome. The staff’s attention to detail extends to the youngest guests, offering a personalized check-in experience that includes a special children’s welcome pack, complete with age-appropriate amenities and treats.

Family-Friendly Accommodations: Claridge’s offers an array of luxurious accommodations suitable for families. Elegant suites with spacious living areas and adjoining rooms provide ample space for parents and children to relax and unwind. Special amenities like cribs, child-sized bathrobes, and baby toiletries ensure a comfortable and memorable stay for the little ones

Kid-Friendly Menu Options: Children can be picky eaters, so offering a kid-friendly menu alongside the traditional wedding menu is a thoughtful gesture. Mini burgers, chicken tenders, and colorful fruit platters are sure to be a hit with the younger guests. Consult with the Claridge’s catering team to create a menu that pleases both adults and children.

The Little Wedding Crèche can be seamlessly integrated into the wedding day at Claridges. Offering a variety of age-appropriate activities and entertainment to keep children engaged. From arts and crafts to storytime, games, and even a small movie screening area, every child is sure to find something they enjoy. The activities are carefully curated to suit different age groups, ensuring that kids of all ages have a fantastic time.

Peace of Mind for Parents:

With the Little Wedding Crèche in place, parents can enjoy the wedding day without any worries about their children’s well-being. They can have the peace of mind that their kids are safe and having a great time, allowing them to fully savor the wedding festivities. Parents and children can join in the celebrations at various points while also taking breaks as needed. It’s a flexible and accommodating solution that caters to the unique needs of each family.

The Little Wedding Crèche at Claridge’s is a flawless and inclusive wedding experience. By creating a dedicated space for children, with caring qualified staff, and an array of activities, it ensures that the youngest guests are as much a part of the celebration as possible. For couples looking to host a child-friendly wedding at Claridge’s, the Little Wedding Crèche is a delightful addition that guarantees every guest, big and small, has a wonderful and memorable time.

For more information on wedding childcare at Claridge’s please get in touch https://www.littleweddingcreche.co.uk/contact/